September 2016

Upcoming Events

Date Title Presenter
Sep 29, 2016
UBC Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference
UBC Neuroscience Club
Oct 4, 2016
2016 Canadian Alzheimer’s Disease Basic Research Symposium (CANAD)
Dr. Cheryl Wellington
Oct 19, 2016
Glia and Barrier Development
Dr. Vanessa Auld
Oct 24, 2016
2016 Gairdner Symposium
Drs. Helen Burt and Michael Hayden, University of British Columbia
Oct 25, 2016
Dr. Greg Dunn: Self Reflected
Dr. Brian MacVicar
Nov 5, 2016
Mood Disorders 2016 Clinical Update
UBC Mood Disorders Centre
Nov 10, 2016
Bilingualism as a form of neuroplasticity: Consequences for mind and brain
Dr. Ellen Bialystok, York University
Nov 15, 2016
Staying Healthy: For Heart and Stroke, What Can Your Genes and Proteins Tell You?
Nov 23, 2016
Behavioural Neuroendocrinology
Dr. Kiran Soma
Dec 7, 2016
Mechanisms of Gambling Behavior
Dr. Luke Clark
Jan 18, 2017
Stimulation Therapies and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Dr. Doris Doudet
Feb 15, 2017
Bioinformatics and Neuroscience
Dr. Paul Pavlidis
Mar 15, 2017
Seeing and acting: on the interaction between vision and movement
Dr. Miriam Spering